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We Turn Complex Data Into Knowledge That Matters

Storm King uses innovations in analysis that fuse human expertise with machine intelligence enabling organizations to make more effective decisions, faster.

Who We Are

We are a group of U.S. Military Veterans with expertise in innovative analysis approaches and 50 years of combined experience operating in complex environments. 
We've spent the last ten years conducting research with the U.S. Department of Defense and our international partners. Now, we're bringing these tools and methodologies to the commercial market.

How Art Meets Science

Smart data, not big data. Today’s analysis is over-reliant on “big data” which can lead to counterproductive results. We take a carefully crafted, thoughtful approach to data so that you can answer the right questions with quality data.

We develop network-based engagement strategies. Our proprietary algorithms generate weighted graphs (science) that analysts use to make recommendations (art) as to where leaders should focus their efforts to achieve a desired goal.

We synthesize complex data. Our proprietary network modeling approach enables us to create multi-layered network maps that we use to discover unmatched insights and intuitively communicate them.

We forecast the likely consequences of our recommendations. Network science has identified commonalities in how networks respond to interventions. Our methodologies blend this science with the art of analysis to predict the way a network will react to your engagement strategy.

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