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Leveraging the Art and Science of network analysis to deliver tailored intelligence 

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Frontier Markets

Vumbua- Swahili for Discover- is a SaaS platform that incorporates multiple layers of data (economic, political, cultural, etc.) to deliver holistic network maps that enable investors and businesses to see 2 or 3 steps ahead of competitors. 

Supply Chains

Leveraging our network analysis methodologies, we can quickly assess supply and logistics networks transforming tens of thousands of records into a single interactive visualization. Based on this assessment, we optimize the network lowering costs while transforming it to be more resilient and responsive.

Political Risk 

Identifying countries political circles of influence is good, understanding the factors that create that influence is better, but forecasting how those circles interact and evolve provides unparalleled insights into a countries future. 


Crises Response

HA/DR relief operations are usually multi-national and always urgent, effective coordination between the international responders' and with the host nation forces is vital for efficient problem solving and mission success. 


Stakeholder Engagement 

Society demands more from companies today than at any other time in history- it has certainly driven positive societal change, but also ended companies that could not cope. The key to successfully meeting these demands is effective stakeholder engagement. Knowing who to partner with, and what issues to tackle in order to create a positive business environment for your company. 

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